Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Continuity with the Coded Movie Maker

Machinima by Ataro Asbrink
Dancer: Amelia Alt-Kendrick
Music: CABEIRI - The 5th Element

The CODED MOVIE MAKER is a tool for making Live Movies in Second Life, a virtual world. It's a HUD (Head-up display). By clicking it, a script runs and you can make the movie and watch it immediately inworld when it's done. You can use it also for making a machinima by recording the Live Movie. If you need perfect continuity for your machinima, this is the tool. The machinima movie here is a recorded Live Movie.
You can have the basic version for free on the Second Life Marketplace. (
There is also an advanced version for 300 Linden Dollars (1,20 US Dollar). If you want to make a longer video, you will need this advanced tool. When you have more than - let's say - 15 shots / views, it's not easy to handle the editing with the basic version. Because if you insert a shot near the end of the movie, you have to play the movie always from the beginning. Fast Forward or Rewind is not possible. This advanced version has some navigation possibilities, so you can jump to every part of the movie and edit and watch there. You can also make a separated movie part with some views and insert it later to the main movie.

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