• September 2013
    Now you can mix fixed camera shots with movements / tracking of the camera. In Beta, will be developped..
  • September 2013
    In order to make coded movies "makeable" for everyone, I wrote a script called "Coded Movie Maker". Now you have to put your selected views into a notecard only, then you can see the movie immediately without scripting. Only hard cuts possible right now, no movements of the camera.
  • Since February 2013
    The "Coded Movie Factory" is open on LEA2 Performance Sim. There you can see all types of coded movies.
  • October 28, 2012
    My first HUD-Movie works. Now you don't have to sit on a prim to see a movie, a HUD (Head Up Display) does it. And it's easier to jump out of the movie and come back.
  • Juli 17, 2012
    My first self coded movie effect: When the camera moves, it shakes as if there is an earthquake. (I forgot to mention it here, I have it since some months)
  • March 29, 2012
    I am able now to move the camera in all directions. With vectors (position, focus) or with rotation/quaternion (position, rotation). I worked for months a lot on LSL scripting, now I will make videos with this technique.
  • January 26. 2012
    You can now stand up in the middle of a movie without having an endlessly repeated error message of the script. Something like this: "You have only permission to see the movie if you sit on this prim."
  • December 12. 2011
    I've built a fade in/out with 5 slices/prims with different transparencies. 
  • December 7. 2011:
    I changed some parameters, now a movie runs since half an hour, slightly changing all the time and I don't know when it ends. Have to stand up to end it. Interesting.

    // x = forward/backwards   y = right/left    z = up/down

                   for (x1 = 29;    x1 >= 25; x1 -= 0.001)
    // the above says: move backwards in 0.001 steps from 29 meters to 25 meters as long as x1 is bigger than 25. / 0.001 is a very slow movement.

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