Aesthetics of Coded Live Movies.
What are Coded Movies compared to other movies?

First of all it's live, it's a live movie. All what you see is here and now and "real". You don't see any recorded clips.

While the movie is running you can "go" into the movie (HUD version) and have a look around, then you can go back into the movie (although the movie went forward in the meantime). The movies are sort of "walkable". But if you want to experience the message of the moviemaker, you shouldn't do that. Should I call these movies "Live Movies" instead of Coded Movies?

It's not different to other movies only because it's coded/scripted/programmed. I think the newest 3D cartoon movies are scripted too, but only scene by scene with a 3D graphics program, not in a whole world like Second Life. 

The spectator is able to change the look of the movie dramatically by choosing another windlight setting, so changing time of day, clouds or color of the whole scene. You can change the music too. Again: If you want to experience the message of the moviemaker, you shouldn't do that. After you've got the message you might interactively play with the movie.

Movie and movieset are a unit. If the set is not there anymore, there will be no movie. The scripted camera will see nothing or something different. 

You don't see any prerecorded things, except (when it's in the set) pictures, small texture animations and some sound.

You can record the movie and upload it to YouTube if you like. Then it's an archived copy, but not a live movie anymore.

(to be continued) 


Concerning camera:

You can make unbelievably slow movements.

You can make unbelievably fast movements.

A movie can last hours (without a cut if you like), and you don't need gigabytes of disk space.

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